Circuit Schematic Design Entry

The circuit schematic is the basis of all electronic design. It is a tool to share information and document a design. It is also the means of capturing component and interconnect information into a data base to allow subsequent PCB layout.

Circuit schematic design screen

Electronic component and interconnect details form the schematic.

The schematic above is a screen shot of a single page of a design for a pump simulator and utilised the ISIS (Intelligent Schematic Input System) software component of the Proteus Design Suite from Labcenter Electronics.

Each component on the sheet must exist or be entered into the data base to define its footprint, pinout, pin assignment and specification (input, output, drive capability etc), this allows design integrity checks to be carried out before transfer to the PCB layout software.

When the circuit schematic has been finalised, reviewed and approved, a single click will transfer the data to the ARES (Advanced Routing and Editing Software) package.

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