Electronic Circuit Layout Design

The schematic for a pump simulator in the previous post was transferred to the ARES software, resulting in the finalised layout below.

PCB Layou of Electronic Circuit Design

Final PCB Layout

The ARES software allows the user to define the board outline, any mounting holes and then position any component footprint to 0.001″ (1 thou) or the metric equivelent. There is an auto router but in my experience the optimal routing with sensitive components of features like isolation barriers and ground planes is achieved manually.

Track and gap dimensions, drill holes, pad styles and weight of copper is all configurable with rule compliance checking available to report errors as you proceed. Annotation can be applied to the cooper or silk screening for product and version idenetity. When complete a single click will produce all the gerber files to send to the board manufacture electronically (email attachment or file upload).

Electronic PCB designed using ARES

PCB manufactured from Gerber files.


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