Force Testing

Computerised force testing and measurement.

A range of force test stands, load cells, digital gauges, clamps, instrumentation, application software is available to facilitate the tensile and compresiive force testing of samples to ascertain or verify quality standards.

Automated force testing stand, computer controlled data acquisition and report generation.

Force Test Stand with 5KN load cell, instrumentation and Labviw data acquisition.

The DFTS5000i test system enables force testing to be applied to a test sample under controlled conditions, the force applied is logged for later analysis and report generation.

Force Testing Clamp Selection

Clamps, Grips, Jigs and Fixtures to attach samples to a force test stand

A variety of clamps and fixtures are available to assist in testing crimp connectors, cable harnesses, clothing, toys, plastic films.

Manual Force testing stand configured for button pull off test

Force testing to determine quality of buttons on a shirt

The HPTS500N is a low cost mechanical hand press configured to facilitate a button pull off force testing required to verify the quality of garments.

The quality of a crimp connector on a cable assembly is determined by a destructive pull off test. There are a number of standards associated with cable wiring harnesses.

  • ASTM B913
  • BS 5G 178 (Part 1)
  • DEF STAN 59-71
  • ISO 1966:1973
  • MIL-C-39029, MIL-DTL-22520G, MIL-T-7928
  • NASA-STD-8739-4
  • SAE/AS7928
  • UL 486A