Product Life Cycle

Product life Cycle – Stages of development, implementation and maintenance.

Dilanti provides a flexible and inexpensive electronic development resource providing assistance and support over the entire product life cycle.

Conceptual design

From the initial idea, this is a process of gathering data to progress to a more formalised product specification. This can be in the form defining the product or service functional requirements, reviewing the technology available to implement a design, what environmental or marketing regulations need to be considered, is there any competition and how is the market currently serviced. The results of this data gathering should be reviewed and distilled into a product or marketing requirements specification.

Preliminary design

Technology, component, tool and IP suppliers selected. Propose product architecture, module functionality and interface definition. Feasibility studies or technical demonstrations implemented and tested to identify performance limitations. Consider any design versus buy in options and cost effects on development and end unit cost. This work should result in agreed design and test specifications.

Detailed design

System design, detail subsystem functionality and interface.  Hardware circuit design schematics for analogue and digital interfaces, microprocessor and support components, communication, power supplies, isolation and safety requirements.  Component selection, specification, alternative sources and costs. Software functional requirements, software architecture, functional decomposition, module specification, control and data flow diagrams. Tool, IP, license selection and procurement.

Pre-production design, build and test

PCB layout, PCA (printed circuit assembly) build, interconnect cable, harness, enclosure build and test. Firmware coding, integration, functional test and debug. Software application programming, test and verification. Initial type testing and safety / compliance reviews. Revise design and test specifications.


Component assembly data transfer, build, program and test procedures. Automatic test equipment, harness, procedure and data analysis. Acceptance testing, safety testing, configuration/customisation, version control. Storage, packaging and distribution.

Post production support

Field upgrades. Value engineering. Life Testing, Component obsolescence alternatives. New markets, product modifications.

Dilanti Instruments Ltd.

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